Training Video Technology

We use only the latest state-of-the-art video technologies including:

We help you distribute your video messages with the vehicles described below:

Streaming Video

Streaming video over the web has many advantages. It is easily accessible, people have a high-perceived value of video and it can give you much more information than text. By utilizing all of the multimedia elements of sight and sound that have proven to be effective in communicating, streaming video delivers a message that people remember.

Whether your company already has an existing website or not, streaming video is clearly the way to distribute your information in the most cost-effective, impressive, and up-to-date manner.


DVD technology also has many advantages over traditional VHS Video. DVDs are extremely portable and can be played back from a laptop computer at any location. DVDs are interactive and can be controlled by the presenter in a controlled environment. DVDs menu system allows for complete organization of material and incredible control over the pace and content of the presentation. In addition, DVDs have full screen, full motion video playback capabilities with incredible picture and sound quality. We are extremely excited to offer this incredible technology to our clients.

Video CDs

Incorporate your product catalogue, marketing information and web site link to create the ultimate multimedia - user interactive Video CDs. We have full capabilities on site to design, author, and duplicate your Video CD presentation.

VHS Video

VHS Video still remains a viable distribution format. Virtually every household and most businesses in America have at least one VHS VCR. VHS videotapes hold up to two hours of content. Duplication costs are relatively inexpensive. Turnaround time is short, and contrary to earlier predictions, both Blockbuster and Hollywood Video will be around for years to come.